Vernonia By Angelica Uwaezuoke

VERNONIA tells the story of single parenthood in a gender-biased society, where mental illness is seen as a punishment from the ancestors and corruption runs wild.

The Author

Angelica Uwaezuoke, a medical student at the University of Nigeria, is an astute writer, a conversationalist and serial entrepreneur. She mentors many young writers and heads several editorial boards.

Currently, she oversees the activities of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW) in her school. An essayist and storyteller, she has won several awards and written beautiful pieces which featured on news sites, magazines and anthologies.

Her maiden novel, VERNONIA, is a bestseller and she has another one cooking, which will be out in no time.

Although, Angelica loves meeting and working with new people, her shy part gets the best of her sometimes. However, since becoming a public speaking Coach, she has come out of her shell and helps others through her lecture sessions to conquer their fears, just like she did.

When she isn’t reading one of her numerous medical texts, one can find her reviewing or writing a research paper, editing a document on her laptop, singing or learning a skill on YouTube.

What Our Readers Say

"I remember grabbing the edge of my reading table as I read to find out how the events unfolded"
Nmesoma Madu
"The best parts of the story were the side conversations that didn't do anything for the plot except bring them to life"
Brian Akachi Onyekwere
"Vernonia tells the familiar story of living a life you did not envisage in a way that grips you till the last page"
Sakinah Yusuf
"The book really made me have mixed feelings of both sadness and laughter. I give it a rating of 8/10"
Nmesoma Oloto
"Two things I love about the book: how it kept me guessing and the simplicity of the author’s diction"
Onwuka Paschaline

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