Pain is an aching emotion that consumes you from within.

It rips you apart like a shredder and dumps you into the cold bin of emptiness. It cuddles you with thorns and lets you bleed dry.

Worst of all, it never truly leaves you alone.

We have our moments of pain. Of deep sorrow and indescribable sadness. Moments we wish never happened to us or to our loved ones.

So, I thought: why not dedicate a poem to this crazy thing that hunts even the best of us? But, I don’t write poems. I wrote a couple of them back in the days and never thought to try again.

I talked to my poet friend, Bob, and he sent me a few and I wish to share two of them with you.

I turned my life into a football

And played it around with joy 

Recklessly, I lived my life

Like a drunk man’s drive

Turning round the circles of my stupidity 

Yearly, with satisfaction.


You are not alone. ❤️

Don’t wake

me up,

please, don’t.

Because if

you do,

my fears

will take 

my life 

as soon

as my

eyes see

the light.

Author: Adebobola Victor Ademayowa (BobMayor)

Everything will be alright.