The Last Supper

The orange flames of melting candles

Heavily scented fresh flowers

Glimmering indigo lights

Sparkling white walls

And a highlife music band


Filled her eyes in awe

As she threw one foot into the magnificent hall

Hands clasping a round silver purse

The tail of her gorgeous green gown

Sweeping the cold marble floor


Necks turned and fingers pointed

As she gracefully walked to table number one

He kissed her wrist and pulled out a chair

But she turned and walked away

While he quickly fell on his knees raising both hands in surrender


As two hefty uniformed men

Appeared from the shadows and led him away

While the rest of us trembled in fear.

It was their 25th anniversary dinner

He had murdered his son- their only child.


What happens when love goes sour? When forgiveness flies through the window and seeks refuge on the mountains. When your partner is no longer as emotionally invested as he/she used to, when you first got married. How does one deal with it?

Do you think this poem describes a cheating partner? What could have made him kill their son? Was he truly his? Or could this be the case of a necessary evil that must be eliminated by all means? What did their son know that his wife mustn’t know?

What do you think of the poem? Share your thoughts in the comment section.