A woman dancing in Freedom Park, Lagos

A woman dancing in Freedom Park, Lagos

Nigerian Stories

Nigerian Stories is a collection of images, videos, art and stories. The aim of the site is to explore, present and promote interesting and diverse stories from Nigeria.

Each few weeks I plan to upload another short documentary or photo story.

Please send me any comments and feedback to connect@nigerianstories.com, and also please feel free to suggest any potential stories.


Jolyon Hoff is an Australian filmmaker who has been living in Nigeria for the past 2.5 years. He hold a Masters Degree in Documentary Directing from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School where he was awarded the Film Australia Documentary Award for ‘the most significant achievement in the art of documentary’.

His films have screened around the world and he has directed work for PBS, Discovery Channel, BBC, EMI and Channel 7 and many others.

For work inquiries, or to purchase high quality prints of any of photographs on this site please email connect@nigerianstories.com.